Classic mode

Request description

Patent2Net needs a requete.cql file for operating in classic mode. It acts as a request description and contains various parameters you might want to have a look at.

The most important ones are the CQL query to be submitted to OPS and the output directory where data is stored.


# CQL query expression
request: ta="filter-" and ta="drink- water" AND (pn = U not (pn = UA or pn = US or pn = UY))

# Output directory
DataDirectory: Water

You can find some blueprints in the /RequestsSets directory.

Legacy interface

Run suite of scripts

Use the /Patent2Net/ProcessPy.bat or the /Patent2Net/ file and enjoy!

Modern interface

The modern interface allows to specify a requete.cql file on the command line or by using the environment variable P2N_CONFIG.

Acquire data from OPS

Run Patent2Net:

p2n acquire --config=/path/to/RequestsSets/Lentille.cql

Alternatively, you can specify the path to the requete.cql using an environment variable:

export P2N_CONFIG=`pwd`/RequestsSets/Lentille.cql

then, just run:

# Acquire patent information from OPS
p2n acquire

# Also acquire family information for each hit
p2n acquire --with-family

Analyze information

When running the analysis commands like this, you should set the P2N_CONFIG environment variable for convenience, like described above.

E.g., run:

# Build all world maps
p2n maps

# Build all network graphs
p2n networks

# p2n {maps,networks,tables,bibfile,iramuteq,freeplane,carrot}
# see full list below or run ``p2n --help``


Output of “p2n --help

$ p2n --help

Classic mode
  p2n ops init                          Initialize Patent2Net with OPS OAuth credentials
  p2n run                               Run data acquisition and all formatters
  p2n acquire                           Run document acquisition
    --with-family                       Also run family data acquisition with "p2n acquire"
  p2n maps                              Build maps of country coverage of patents, as well as applicants and inventors
  p2n networks                          Build various artefacts for data exploration based on network graphs
  p2n tables                            Export various artefacts for tabular data exploration
  p2n bibfile                           Export data in bibfile format
  p2n iramuteq                          Fetch more data and export it to suitable format for using in Iramuteq
  p2n freeplane                         Build mind map for Freeplane
  p2n carrot                            Export data to XML suitable for using in Carrot
  p2n images                            Fetch images and build thumbnails
  p2n interface                         Build main Patent2Net html interface

  --config=<config>                     Path to requete.cql. Will fall back to environment variable "P2N_CONFIG".


  # Initialize Patent2Net with OPS OAuth credentials
  p2n ops init --key=ScirfedyifJiashwOckNoupNecpainLo --secret=degTefyekDevgew1

  # Run query and gather data
  p2n acquire --config=/path/to/RequestsSets/Lentille.cql --with-family

  # Build all world maps
  export P2N_CONFIG=/path/to/RequestsSets/Lentille.cql
  p2n maps

  # Run data acquisition and all targets
  p2n run