You can install locally patent2Net and use it in standalone mode. Only the P2N indexer and integrated Carrot2 feature won’t work. The use of the web interface may also be conditionned you run the launcher. Aside this, the API patent2Net (p2n) will work and can do a lot of stuff for you.

When you know what you do…

Install from source

Next is just for history

  • Source releases are available from GitHub:

  • Install a specific version:

    pip install '' --upgrade
  • Install the current development version:

    pip install '' --upgrade

Install binary package (Old features)



The following (Image Magic, graphviz etc.) is functional on the Docker image. Only follow it if you make your own installation on your system. Not recommended if you aren’t sure!

Install ImageMagick

On Debian Linux:

apt install imagemagick

On Windows:

Install Patent2Net on Linux

If you’re using Ubuntu or Debian distributions, make sure to have these prerequisites installed:

sudo apt-get install python-pip build-essential python-dev libjpeg-dev libxml2-dev libfreetype6-dev libpng-dev

Install pygraphviz on Mac OS X:

pip install --install-option^"--include-path^/opt/local/include" --install-option^"--library-path^/opt/local/lib" "pygraphviz^^1.3.1"

Install Patent2Net on Windows